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Woollen sweaters, not itchy - made of Merino wool| WOOLIFE

Wool sweaters made of Australian Merino - warming luxury

Ouch, ow! It was 1988. The sweater looked good, but it was unwearable. An angry rash on your neck... the wool was as itchy as an old sack. But many years ago we had already discovered the highest quality Super Fine soft Australian Merino wool for you, as soft as velvet and beautifully warm.

 We bring new ideas for fashionable cuts and the latest trends from the Italian masters of fashion. Sweaters, polo necks, elegant cardigans for women, gentlemen’s models - for business and relaxation. Wear Australian Merino wool both for autumnal sleets and the piercing winter cold. as in a Josef Lada fairy tale.

For socialising, business meetings, walking or skiing or travelling by plane. A wool sweater that fits everyone - youngsters, yourself and the more mature too. Warm yourself and your loved ones with a comfortable and soothing gift. Wear a well-behaved 100% natural sweater that isn't itchy. Enjoy WOOLIFE comfort.

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