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Functional thermal underwear made of Australian Merino wool | WOOLIFE

Functional thermal underwear made of Australian Merino wool

Functional thermal WOOLIFE underwear from Australian Merino lambs is as soft as velvet. It's not itchy.. Its wicking properties move the moisture away from your skin if you start to sweat. You will be home and dry - it warms you up in winter and cools you down in summer. We also have fashion in mind - choose your colour.

Undershirts/Vests, T-shirts, long sleeve tops, men's shorts, boxers, long johns, women's shorts for sport, working in the garden, hiking, sitting in front of the TV or for the office. Wear airy WOOLIFE Merino wool under your sweater, shirt or suit when you go out. For demanding outdoor activities, for home comfort, for connoisseurs, for children, teenagers or seniors. 100% natural and made in the Czech Republic.

Dress yourself for all weathers, or delight your loved one with a gift from the Australian bush.

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