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If access data in server log files stored?

Note: With storage both storage by the entrepreneurs themselves as well as by shop system providers, hosters, etc. meant.


Can customers create an account in your shop?


Can customers log in to your shop to an e-mail newsletter?


Send Advertising by mail to existing customers without the customer must register separately for this purpose? Note:. The sending of advertising by e-mail to customers who have not given their explicit consent, according to § 7 para 3 of the UWG is only permitted if the e-mail address of customers in connection with the purchase of goods have received ( "Existing customer"). Furthermore, you may then set only advertising its own, similar products to these customers and to point in any commercial e-mail that the customer of another sending can object at any time, without incurring higher costs than at the basic rates. In addition, the customer may not have objected to the receipt of promotional emails already.


Would you like to reserve the right to use the address data of your customers for sending advertising by mail?


Get a from bureaus credit information from your customers?

Note: credit checks are possible even without the explicit consent of the customer, if you pay in advance as the shop owner with your delivery or service, so as when sending on open account. Do not step in advance (for example, payment in advance payments), you must obtain from your customers express consent for a credit check if you want to perform this.


Provide payment methods in which automated real-time credit checks still take place during the order process in the shop environment, that without that redirects to the pages of the service provider?


Set on the site of your store a web analytics tool for creating a user statistics (for example, Google Analytics, eTracker, etc.)?


Google Analytics with the "anonymize IP" and implemented contestation

Note: This addition to the link is imperative for the legally compliant use. In order for this link to work, the dealer must have a code from the Google Analytics insert code (see

Use in your online store cookies?


Put in your online store social plug-ins (for example, Facebook Like button, Twitter, Google Plus) a?


Facebook without 2-click solution

Ask the customer by e-mail after the order to the delivery of an evaluation?

Note: The sending of requests for delivery of a vote by mail will undoubtedly constitute advertising via email and is therefore admissible only if the customer has given his consent. So you need to make sure that you as this catch during the ordering process of your customers, if you want to send review requests.

yes and I send these requests itself

Yes, but these will be shipped by Trusted Shops

Do you have a special contact possibilities or a direct contact for inquiries about data protection?

no, all requests can be made through the contact in the Contacts