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Children's footmuff Woolife Kombi Cashmere red

Children's footmuff WOOLIFE Kombi Cashmere Your baby will be warm in this soft fleece made of Merino Superwash wool in WOOLMARK quality. Variable, rainproof, fits 5 point harness strollers and car seats. Zip-off top and bottom pieces, easily extendible, g
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Woollen children's footmuff WOOLIFE Kombi Cashmere ensures your baby stays comfortable and safe. Functional waterproof material with membrane will keep your child safe from wind, rain and snow  while still remaining permeable, preventing your baby from overheating. The upper part of the footmuff can easily be adjusted around the head.

The cozy inside part is made of 100% smooth, soft pure Merino Superwash sheep's wool in WOOLMARK quality, combined with soft Cashmere wool made of: 95% Merino Superwash and 5% Cashmere wool.

The smooth inner material along with the breathable, water, wind and snow resistant outer layer work in harmony. Your baby will be warm and dry, even when the heavens open. Various colours for boys or girls.

We give maximum attention to all aspects of craftsmanship and detail selection - threads, zippers and other elements. We have been fine-tuning our footmuffs for many years to bring them to perfection.

Be safe in the stroller or car

You can fix the back of the footmuff and fasten it to the stroller. The WOOLIFE KOMBI Cashmere footmuff has been factory-fitted with multi-purpose openings for 5 point harnesses. Zippers are provided with reflective bands for good visibility.

The footmuff grows along with your child

The top part can be removed - this is perfect for warm days. The Kombi version grows along with your child thanks to the removable bottom piece. As the baby grows the footmuff can be lengthened.

Usable off-road

Babies wear boots, too. We have fine tuned the fleece that keeps little feet warm with a waterproof material and zipper - the same material that covers the footmuff. In case your baby covers their shoes with mud you can easily remove the waterproof inner liner for cleaning or washing. The surface of the removable part is scuff resistant.

Decades with footmuffs

We have been making wool products since 1991. Generations of children all over the world have been benefiting from our footmuffs. Let your precious ones enjoy the safety, warmth and comfort.

A gift for infinity

WOOLIFE KOMBI Cashmere is the best footmuff in our range... and the best selling, too. Give it as present for a new baby or as a wedding gift. It will serve many generations.

Service and care forever

We will take care of your footmuff after the warranty expires, as long as your footmuff lasts. Post-warranty service such as replacement of zippers and ripped areas is an easy task for us.

Until the next baby arrives...

The small but durable bag which we also produce can be used as packing. You can store the footmuff in it "off season" or "until the next baby arrives".

Passport with serial number

Every footmuff has a unique serial number listed in its passport. You will receive it together with your footmuff. Aside from the serial number, it also states the name of the person who inspected and approved the product and date of purchase. All the data is stored in our records.

WOOLIFE footmuffs made of soft Australian Merino wool are like an heirloom.  They are handed down from one generation to another.

Give the comfort, softness and security of Australian lambs to your children.

1 WOOLIFE footmuff - many children's tales. Order now and start a new story.